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FASHION: Swiftie Style recap

Updated: Jun 20, 2023

Taylor Swift literally took over the Steel City this weekend setting the record for bringing the largest crowd that Pittsburgh has ever seen at the stadium with 73,117 Swifties. Women and girls of all ages celebrated, in style, the many 'ERAS' of Taylor Swift. I have always liked Swift's music a moderate amount but seeing the excitement and inspiration she brings is an impact all on its own.

I enjoyed seeing everyone's outfits flood my social feeds and the adorable exchange of friendship bracelets (which I still don't know the story on, fill me in!). Being so inspired, I figured this week's spotlight would showcase some of the looks from the audience. Giving #streetstyle a whole new meaning, Swifties Street Style is a vibe of it's own. Thanks for sharing your looks, ladies!

Lindsay haslett & friend

Lindsay (left) got her outfit from Cider, earrings from Amazon, and even had her makeup professionally done by Brooke Henderson.

chelsea francesconi

Chelsea, a local Esthetician and makeup artist, got her dress from Shein and her boots from Amazon. Chelsea's fringe dress gives all the Nashville vibes - she even got to meet Taylor's mom!

Katie Breisinger, Daughter tessa, & sister Kelsey

Katie's look is from Shein and Poshmark. Katie has been to every concert saying, "I remember growing up going to every concert making memories with my little sister. Now it’s great to bring my daughter along for the memories." She describes Taylor's performances, "She leaves a mark on girls and she interacts so well with the crowd."

Alyssa Howley (28) Alayna Yot (11)

Talk about the celebrations of ERAS - two Swifties of different ages dress to impress with outfits by Shein and the cowgirl hat from Amazon. Seeing sisters celebrate Taylor Swift together really is an example of who her music brings together.

You ladies have me convinced to make it a point to go see my first Taylor Swift show.



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